Zach Aarons ‘13 BUS

New York’s Newest Innovator in Real Estate

Zach Aarons is a real estate developer and real estate tech investor. He is currently a project?manager for Millennium Partners, as well as the Co-Founder and Partner of MetaPropNYC.

Zach began his professional career with a short stint in finance before shifting his focus to small?business consulting with Apostate Partners. In the same period, he founded and served as CEO?for TravelGoat, a travel information website, mobile app, and tour company. While pursuing his?studies at Columbia, he served as a Senior Associate for ENIAC Ventures, a VC fund focused?exclusively on mobile technologies. In 2013, he took on his current role of Project Manager for?Millennium Partners, for which he focuses on real estate development in the Hollywood and San?Francisco markets. In June 2015, he co-founded MetaPropNYC, a real estate technology?accelerator program.

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Zach serves as an advisor to several companies, including NMRKT, Flip (Techstars ’15), Ministore, MadeClose, Central Standard Timing, and ProjectNine. He sits on the International?Bitcoin Real Estate Association (IBREA) Board of Directors as the New York City Chapter Chair.

Zach graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a Bachelor’s in Ancient Studies in?2005 and Columbia Business School with an MBA in 2013.

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