Steve Blank Columbia University Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship

The Father of?Modern Entrepreneurship

Blank?is the father of modern entrepreneurship, credited with starting the Lean Startup movement. He is the author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany, The Startup Owner’s Manual; his May 2013 Harvard Business Review cover story defined the Lean Startup movement. Blank created the National Science Innovation Corps – now the standard for science commercialization in the U.S. The Hacking for Defense class he created, and which is taught at Columbia and 30 other universities, is revolutionizing how the Defense Department and Intelligence community can deploy innovation with speed and urgency.

Blank blogs about entrepreneurship and innovation at?

Steve’s lean startup ideas have landed him on lists like Forbes’ 30?Most Influential People In Tech and the 2015 Thinkers50, having been called, “a big deal for the?economy,” by HBS scholars. He continues to teach students all walks how to accelerate their?learning, and the world keeps listening.

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