Roger Ehrenberg ‘83 BUS

Data-Driven VC Investor

Roger Ehrenberg is, by his own admission, a “data junkie”. He’s currently the Managing Partner?of IA Ventures, a seed-stage VC firm that targets companies that look to create competitive?advantages through data.

Roger had an 18 -year career on Wall Street in derivatives and quantitative trading, where he?was a Managing Director at Citibank and Deutsche Bank and President and CEO of DB?Advisors. He then turned his attentions to investing, providing seed-stage funding to start-ups?focused on digital media and financial technology through IA Capital Partners, whose?investments included Bitly and TweetDeck, among others.

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In 2009, he formed IA Ventures.?Roger sits on the boards of The Trade Desk, Transferwise, and more. He is also a Board?observer of MemSQL and SavingStar.

Roger graduated with a BBA from the University of Michigan 1987 and an MBA in Finance and?Management from Columbia University in 1993.

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