About Us

Columbia Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design (“Columbia Entrepreneurship”) was founded in the summer of 2013 at the direction of?University President Lee C. Bollinger and the University Board of Trustees to support, invigorate,?accelerate, and motivate the Columbia community’s programs and culture around innovation, creativity,?and entrepreneurship.

The ecosystem around entrepreneurship at Columbia is vibrant, brilliant, and cutting edge. At the very heart of Columbia Entrepreneurship’s mandate is to find ways to take advantage of the enormous power, vitality, and resources of the entire?University so that, indeed, the whole of our energies is much greater than merely the sum of the parts.

Our modus operandi is to encourage partnerships between schools and institutes, students and alumni,?the NYC community, and government officials. Thus, the Columbia Startup Lab in SOHO is a joint?venture between five important Columbia schools and Columbia Entrepreneurship, where young alumni founders can incubate?their early stage companies. The #StartupColumbia Festival, a partnership between Columbia Entrepreneurship, two student?entrepreneurship clubs, Columbia College, and the schools of Public Policy, Business, and Engineering, brings together?more than 500 members of our entrepreneurship community to discuss the most important topics in?creative venture building and applied problem solving. And the Columbia Venture Competition, which?features $250,000 in cash prizes, is sponsored by SEAS, Columbia College, and SIPA and is open to ALL?Columbia students and young alumni, regardless of school affiliation.

Likewise, we are engaged with our partners in creating new courses that focus on digital literacy and?in modifying curricula to improve the way entrepreneurship is taught. In recognition that creativity?is best invigorated when the participants are from the broadest and most diverse fields of inquiry, we?are also assisting our partners in cross-listing courses to help open up these classes to students across the University.

We are grateful for the extraordinary encouragement from the President’s and?Provost’s offices, the leadership from our University Trustees, the guidance from our Advisory Board, and?the partnerships we’ve formed with many School Deans and faculties, our extraordinary alumni and our amazing students.

To contact Columbia Entrepreneurship write to us at entrepreneurship@columbia.edu or join our mailing list.