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        Founder Stories

        #SupportStartups Today

        Dear community,

        If you can and want to help, #SupportStartups with us. Share these stories with friends and family…and you may even find a little something for yourself. You can also find these posts on our social media channels @ColumbiaEship.

        We update regularly with new content.

        Be Well.

        -Columbia Entrepreneurship

        May 6:

        Are you a parent or know one who might need a little support with homeschooling? Two Columbia Teachers College students just launched Zigazoo to help parents and kids find fun learning activities and share short videos with friends and family. Every day there is a new featured prompt, such as “Can you make a balloon-powered car?” or “What’s your favorite book?” Zigazoo enables kids to do fun educational projects in the absence of real school, connect with friends during a time of social isolation, and watch videos that are both fun and educational. Zigazoo.com

        Startup Zigazoo Prompt examples


        April 21:


        Curina's support of artists during COVID


        Apr 10:

        CocuSocial connects food lovers with local chefs and unique venues by hosting social, interactive, and educational cooking events in 15 different cities in the U.S. (and growing!) Over the course of next 2 weeks or so, we are offering free online, live-streamed classes where attendees connect with our Chefs via Zoom and cook along in real time. There is no limitation on how many of these complimentary classes people can sign up.

        Apr 9:

        Project Well makes healthy eating easy,?by matching dietitian-vetted meals to people with nutritionally sensitive chronic conditions. To learn more about our meal program and to get started receiving customized, home delivered meals, reach out to?hello@wellbetty.com

        Apr 2:

        Pepper is making cloth masks for medical professionals that you can donate to organizations. Learn more about their initiative by visiting: https://pepper-home.com/blogs/pep-talk/mask-donations

        Pepper manufacturing cloth masks

        Mar 31:

        Support a startup, refugees, and take a trip around the world without leaving home. Order one of Eat Offbeat’s care packages for delightful meals and snacks. Visit EatOffbeat.com

        Employees of EatOffbeat

        Mar 27:

        NaTakallam partners language learners with refugees all over the world for virtual conversations and lessons. Visit NaTakallam.com.

        Are you a student, staff, or faculty at Columbia? You can access 10 fully-funded 1-hour personalized NaTakallam sessions in Arabic or Persian through Columbia’s Middle East Institute (see here for more details).


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